I need to be physically healthy because my mind is weak

The artist acknowleges that this body of work might be some ambiguous images, they seems like relax and calm, in fact those are hiding certain feelings from sadness and depression. Living in a city surrounding, the relationship of our body and emotions is so intensely tangling within each other, while capturing moments might be an exile and a therapy in this case.

“這都是一不留神就會被錯過的畫面。這些風景代替了我的眼睛,當我看見它們的時候,它們也看見我,看見我的害怕和恐懼。不知道為甚麼,要將這些畫面集結成書,需要拿很多勇氣去面對自己。” 這本小書內的作品被作者稱為「一堆曖昧的影像」,交代了他過去這兩年間的忐忑:「這些照片儘管外表看來甜美,內裡卻藏著悲傷鬱悶。情緒跟身體的關係總是糾纏不清,這是值得城市人思考的問題」。

About the artist
Leung Yiu Hong is a photographer and moving-image artist currently residing in Hong Kong. He was first introduced to photography at the age of 18 during his college study in digital art. In the year of 2003, he moved to Portland, Oregon and continued his art education in Pacific Northwest College of Art, which embraces him into the notion of western contemporary art. Due to his multicultural background, identity has become a major investigation through his work of art. Yiu-Hong works as a teacher and photographer at Skyhigh Creative Partners, a social enterprise in Hong Kong.
Personal website: http://leungyiuhong.com/

悲觀,多愁善感,浪費不少青春,研究情緒跟身體之間的曖昧關係。 生於香港,曾留學美國七年,畢業於美國西北太平洋藝術學院,主修媒體藝術,現為攝影教育工作者及業餘攝影師。

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