I dream because I don't is the first english-written poetry publication by Siufung filling with ten beautiful tree illustrations by the author. The twelve poems are all written during the period of 2010 to 2012, by the observation of the author wandering around and inspired by trees grow in the city. 

小風畫稿英文新詩集 I dream because I don't,作品寫於2010年至2012年間,以詩人在城市中觀察樹木為創作靈感,寫成十二首新詩。每首新詩均附上作者的畫稿。

Inspiration: I dream because I don't

Trees in Hong Kong inspire me to write the twelve poems in “I dream because I don’t”. In a silent and perhaps meditative conversation with trees from my school, my workplace and my living area, I aim to re/build a dialogue with the nature, in an urban city that nature is often neglected in our routine lifestyle. Through communicating with the trees, I am able to talk to them while I draw them and write poems about them. This unique relationship with trees resembles my attitude towards love and intimacy. I believe that in any love relationship, it is important to open up a creative dialogue with your partner. The book title “I dream because I don’t” suggests a paradox with my connection to trees: whether it is imaginative or real, in dreams or in reality, remains unknown to me, and to my readers.

創作靈感:I dream because I don't:
香港的樹不單是我創作的靈感,更是我畫稿英文詩集 I dream because I don’t 十二首新詩的主角。從日常對樹的觀察,我開展與大自然的對話;或許只有從近乎冥想的靜默,才可令我與樹建立一種超乎常人的關係。每當我畫下一棵樹,我幾乎能感應到它的脈搏;這種親密的連繫好比愛情。I dream because I don’t 說明了我與樹一種矛盾的關係:究竟這是想像還是真實、夢幻還是現實?




I: Are you here?

Tree: I listened.

I: I see you when I sleep, when I eat, when I work.

Tree: I was always here. somewhere. out in the dark.



Tree whisperer: do you hear the whisper?

I: what kind of whisper? I can only hear the taste of the wind breezes, and the smell of the sun shines onto the stones.

Tree whisperer: the whisper from the most unknown.

I: I don’t know.



Tree: how should I start a conversation with you?

Tree whisperer: I have always heard you murmuring.

Tree: what do I say? What do I not say?

Tree whisperer: I have always known.



Tree whisperer: I dream because I am afraid of something.

Tree: I dream because I cannot recall when I am not.

I: I dream because I don’t.



About the author
Student in BA Comparative Literature at The University of Hong Kong. A self-claimed poet and an athlete. Established a contemporary chinese poetry group WE-ER Poet with game-based activities. He has close connection with tree. 



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